John McConomy

John McConomy

John McConomy is the Commercial Director of OxyMem. OxyMem solves OPEX intensive wastewater treatment using an innovative Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR).

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Increase Treatment Capacity, Increase Revenue

Increase Treatment Capacity, Increase Revenue The wastewater treatment facility is viewed only as the back end of industrial plants. To most, it holds no value. If an investor was to assess an industrial business for its current and potential future worth, he or she would simply note the fact that an asset or structure exists on site for treating a process by-product (wastewater). Few spot the opportunity that exists in this underutilized asset.

Time to Get Serious About Wastewater Treatment

Time to Get Serious About Wastewater Treatment Why WasteWater Treatment Innovations Like MABR Can Transform Our Water According to the fourth World Water Development Report, only 20% of global wastewater is treated (UNESCO, 2012). The vast majority of wastewater is discharged directly into the environment without any form of treatment. Worldwide wastewater treatment is clearly inadequate and failing both society and the environment. Urban populations are projected to nearly double in the next 40 years, from 3.4 billion to over 6 billion people - but already most cities fail to provide adequate wastewater management due to absent, inadequate or aging sewage infrastructure (World Water Council, 2012). According to a recent UN-Water Analytical Brief, a paradigm shift is urgently required in water politics the world over to prevent further damage to sensitive ecosystems, and to the aquatic environment.

Bubble-less MABR system can reduce energy costs for wastewater aeration

Bubble-less MABR system can reduce energy costs for wastewater aeration CREATING A BUBBLE-LESS AERATION OPTION The secondary or biological stage of traditional activated sludge wastewater treatment plants is where most of the energy is consumed. It far outweighs the operational costs of pumps, mixers, chemical addition, lighting, heating, etc. Oxygen needed by bacteria used in this stage is usually delivered in the form of atmospheric air, through mechanical equipment, and usually against a hydrostatic pressure created by four to six metres of water depth. Rotating blade mixers, jets and/or large blowers are needed to push air through this pressure (head), to ensure all bacteria receive sufficient oxygen.

Why MABR Wastewater Solutions Work So Well In Asia

Why MABR Wastewater Solutions Work So Well In Asia We were delighted to win the TechXchange People’s Choice Award. OxyMem were one of 30 companies from Europe who were recently selected by the European Business Mission to travel to Singapore and Vietnam to showcase the latest technological advancements in wastewater treatment. The mission gave the best of European innovation access to groups right accross Asia allowing us to contrast the challenges of basic infrastucture development of some of the emerging economies alongside one of most sophisticated and innovative water clusters in the world.

Innovate or Die.....Wastewater Treatment With Bubble-Less Aeration

Innovate or Die.....Wastewater Treatment With Bubble-Less Aeration Why OxyMem is Shaking up the Wastewater Treatment Industry? Since taking on my most recent role as Commercial Director at OxyMem various people have already asked me questions such as; “Why would you leave the position you had with a reputable, established aeration manufacturer, within the world of fine bubble diffused aeration, to go work for a small Irish firm that’s only a few years old and selling something the world hasn’t seen yet?” The frequency of these types of questions certainly make me very aware that I am doing something different or something seen as risky to most, especially when the question comes from respected colleagues within the water industry. Though aware, I have never been known to simply stay with the status quo, so I give my response without hesitation. “Because sometimes, just sometimes, that one great thing comes along, and your gut tells you that you would be foolish to miss an opportunity to be part of it.”

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