Eoin Syron

Eoin Syron

Dr. Eoin Syron is OxyMem's technical leader and innovator. Eoin has been involved in the development of OxyMem since its earliest days, focusing on scale up issues and investigating full-scale deployment of the technology.

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When is an MABR not an MABR?

When is an MABR not an MABR? For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled." -Richard Feynman's referring to the laws of Nature" The MABR is gaining a lot of attention recently for use in Water Resource Recovery Facilities and rightly so, as it can potentially expand the capacity of existing plants without the need for capital investment, while at the same time reducing the relative energy demand. This ground-breaking treatment technology which can achieve simultaneous nitrification and denitrification with reduced sludge generation now has installations in all corners of the globe.

OxyMem, Boldly Going Where No Sewage Treatment Has Gone Before!

OxyMem, Boldly Going Where No Sewage Treatment Has Gone Before! NASA is hard at work tackling the challenges of space travel and dreaming up technologies to meet those challenges. Researchers are examining wastewater recovery systems robust enough for use on long term space missions. Biological treatment has been the primary focus, with specific thrusts in developing a biological treatment system that may be operated with minimal crew maintenance and low energy and mass requirements.

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