Warranty Statement

OxyMem warrants that its membrane cassettes supplied shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship. The membrane warranty will commence upon installation of the membrane cassette in the MABR system or three months after the date of membrane cassette ready for shipment ex works Moydrum, Athlone, Ireland, whichever comes first. 

OxyMem’s sole liability and the Purchaser and/or Owner exclusive remedy under this warranty shall be to provide replacement membrane cassettes and is limited to the initial membrane cassette contract value.  Any membrane cassette found to be defective under the terms of this warranty during the first 24 months of the warranty period will be replaced at no cost to the Purchaser and/or Owner, excluding shipping, handling and installation charges.  Any membrane cassette found to be defective under the terms of this warranty after the initial 24 months of the warranty period will be replaced based on the pro-rata membrane cassette value as calculated below, excluding shipping, handling and installation charges.

Pro-rata membrane cassette value:
Membrane cassette replacement price X the number of months beneficial use remaining/ Total membrane element warranty period

The Membrane Cassette Replacement Price is based on the actual list price at the time of replacement cassette or otherwise agreed upon.  The months of beneficial use remaining will be calculated based on the calendar month of the warranty claim relative to the commencement of the warranty period.  

The total membrane element warranty period is 120 months. 

Membrane Cassette Failure Criteria

A membrane cassette shall be considered defective if it meets one or more of the following criteria: An individual membrane cassette shall be considered defective;

If more than 2 of the total number of membrane bunches in the cassette have been noted in writing as defective and have subsequently required repair during any consecutive period of 12 months

Note: Fibres repaired during production and testing are excluded from the failure count. Fibre repair on site is the responsibility of the purchaser and or owner.

General Warranty Conditions

All warranties shall be null and void if any of the following conditions are not met:

1/ Accidental and / or externally caused damage and damages caused by improper use are excluded from this warranty. Accidental and/ or external caused damages and damages caused by improper use are damages caused by but not limited to operation and/or exposure of membranes modules to conditions outside the instructions and conditions listed in the OxyMem MABR Product Datasheets or misuse, abuse or improper installation, operation, maintenance, or repair, alteration, accidents. Also, damages caused by uncontrolled and/ or defective operation of the overall water treatment process in which the membrane cassettes are used or parts thereof are excluded from this warranty. This warranty is strictly limited to membrane failure due to OxyMem’s fault in manufacturing; all other causes are excluded. If there is any dispute with respect to the above, the Purchaser should provide evidence to OxyMem.

2/ The Purchaser and/or Owner of the membrane cassettes will immediately notify OxyMem in writing of any potential issues or claims relating to the membrane element warranties.

3/ Fibre damage due to foreign debris is excluded from this warranty.

4/ Membrane cassettes shall be handled and stored according the instructions on the OxyMem MABR Product Datasheets.

5/ The membrane modules shall be operationally protected against hydraulic and pneumatic shock loading such as, but not limited to water hammer, etc. 

6/ OxyMem understands that the membrane cassettes will be used as a part of a larger water treatment process. OxyMem must be given the opportunity by way of written invitation, with a reasonable notice, to review engineering documents, inspect the plant before loading of the membranes and attend testing and commissioning activities of all aspects of the water treatment process which may affect membrane lifetime & performance. (Note: neither a review of the engineering documents nor attendance of testing or commissioning or inspection of the plant nor the declining of the opportunity does constitute any responsibility for any aspect of the system). 

7/ The Purchaser and/or Owner of the membrane cassettes will maintain for the duration of the warrantee’s complete and accurate daily records of all relevant process settings and data. Copies of these data shall be made available to OxyMem upon request. 

8/ In the case where the Purchaser and Owner are separate parties, the Purchaser has sole and exclusive responsibility for making the Owner aware of his responsibilities under the conditions of this warranty. Failure of the Purchaser and/or Owner to meet their respective obligations under this agreement will render this warranty null and void.

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