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Why did we make this animation?

OxyMem™ MABR is a very simple and flexible solution to your wastewater treatment needs. It can be seen as standalone advanced alternative to conventional wastewater treatment technologies, but due to it's versatile design, this latest tech can be easily deployed to compliment and enhance older, well-established treatment solutions. MABR is ideally suited to both treatment plant upgrades and new build plants.

We are sharing here our ~2 minute explainer animation to show you where our technology might be considered for efficient and effective wastewater treatment on your plant.



At OxyMem™, we understand that owners and operators of treatment plants face multiple challenges, and that not all plants are the same; they therefore may not all be upgraded in the same way. For example, some facilities may be space limited, others not, some may have existing tanks that can be utilized or repurposed, and some may benefit from a sidestream process or a dedicated upfront high load pretreatment phase to ease pressure on a downstream legacy process.  This being the case, our engineers gather the necessary information and tailor MABR solutions to meet specific clients' needs.

The innovative technology provides a range of deployment options. Incremental expansion is extremely easy with "modular" units, enabling today's capital to be deferred or used elsewhere if future process flows and loads will not be realized near-term.


OxyMem™ MABR units may be deployed within various locations on your plant. Not being constrained to a single location or installation arrangement means our team of process experts can approach projects with an open mind and place the MABR precisely where it is best suited to target the removal of pollutants.


Which OxyMem™ MABR arrangement do you think might be best for your wastewater treatment challenge?

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OxyMem MABR High load pre-treatment
Secondary treatment-2
Aerobic zone secondary treatment.
Post treatment-2-1
Side treatment

The OxyMem™ Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor is a game changer when it comes to upgrading wastewater treatment plants. The MABR has been designed as a drop-in unit that can be retrofitted easily into existing plants without draining the tanks or interrupting plant operation.


  1. High Load Pre-treatment.
    Ease the incoming load to the existing plant.
    Treat higher influent loads or existing flows and loads to higher discharge standards by placing MABR upfront of your existing assets. Why subject your existing, often older, process to loads beyond their design limits. An upfront MABR zone could ease pressure on your downstream processes.
  2. Secondary treatment - Anoxic zone. 
    This solution can target both COD and ammonia. MABR helps level out peaking issues and provides operators with a more robust and stable plant throughout the year. OxyMem™MABR placed in the anoxic zone increases nitrification capacity of existing assets while simultaneously achieving denitrification.
  3. Secondary treatment - Aerobic zone. 
    OxyMem™MABR strategically placed in the aerobic zone may enhance nitrification and expand the biological treatment capacity of the existing aerobic treatment phase.
  4. Post-treatment.
    OxyMem™MABR placed here can act as a final polishing step for your plant, helping maintain discharge standards throughout the year.
  5. Side treatment.
    Small footprint, dedicated side treatment can be achieved with MABR.
    Units are deployed to treat only partial process load on site. MABR could run in parallel to the existing works, deployed to treat a fraction of the incoming plant flow and load, or it can be arranged as a dedicated side-stream process to tackle specific or locallised process streams within the treatment facility.


OxyMem™ MABR modular units enable a fully customisable approach, where you can consider easy drop in upgrades or standalone package solutions for your biological wastewater treatment facility.


OxyMem MABR stand alone or modular?Our engineers will work with your team to find the optimum solution for your treatment plant, helping you achieve your environmental commitments.