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Overcoming the Challenges of Wastewater Treatment Upgrades 

Overcoming the Challenges of Wastewater Treatment Upgrades 


Wastewater treatment plants are facing increasing pressure to upgrade their facilities to cope with population growth, industrial expansion and tightening of legislation however, upgrading is not a simple process, and the plants can face obstacles.


OxyMem MABR can help overcome the challenges facing wastewater treatment plant owners and operators and allow for a fast and easy upgrade.



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The Land Challenge

Traditional plant expansion methods often require additional land, and therefore upgrades can take years of planning and implementation. 


OxyMem MABR Drop In

OxyMem offers an alternative method of plant expansion. The OxyMem MABR is a ZERO additional footprint solution as it is dropped into existing treatment tanks to intensify and enhance treatment performance. OxyMem's 'drop-in' technology can significantly increase existing biological treatment systems' capacity, without the need for additional land.


Our solution does not require additional civil infrastructure to be added. By adding OxyMem modules to an existing treatment process, more pollutants can be treated within the same existing footprint.


The Time Challenge

Wastewater treatment plant upgrades can be a lengthy process; from assessing needs, acquiring land, obtaining planning permissions, considering services, and then finally excavating and building work. In most cases, an upgrade can take years. 


The OxyMem MABR drop-in solution can help overcome the challenge of time. With our drop-in MABR, you can secure the most innovative and sustainable solution, facilitate upgrades without draining tanks or building new structures, and provide the lowest capital, process, and performance risk. 


OxyMem can enable a treatment plant upgrade in a matter of days once our modules are on site. Our modules are designed for ease of installation and commissioning and can be easily transported across the world; the modules are designed to fit neatly within sea freight containers.


The Energy Challenge

One of the main challenges facing treatment plant operators is that traditional expansion solutions result in more energy being required as more equipment means more power. This can be detrimental for companies with carbon footprint goals as it moves them further away from their commitments.


OxyMem MABR is much more efficient as the driving force for transferring oxygen across the membrane is diffusion and not pressure. This is one of the OxyMem MABR system's key features because it means the air blower does not have to overcome the hydrostatic head and thus can be operated at low pressures that save energy.


Our patented, bubble-less transfer of oxygen, designed to emulate a natural respiratory system, gives simultaneous nitrification and denitrification for total nitrogen removal, considerable energy savings, reduces sludge and decreases your plant carbon footprint, with no additional infrastructure needed.

The results are considerable OPEX saving over other upgrade solutions for the life of the



A Robust Environment 

Plant owners and operators need to have the confidence that their effluent will be within consent all year round. An unstable process is usually difficult and time-consuming to operate and can develop both operational challenges and environmental risks. Having a robust, stable treatment system in place is critical for consistent success and peace of mind. 


OxyMem Biofilm

OxyMem offers the market the most advanced attached-growth biofilm system available today. The OxyMem MABR habitat creates an ideal environment to support a biofilm which absorbs and consumes carbon and nitrogen-based pollutants.


With oxygen readily available and a protected aerobic biofilm layer, the MABR system is not as susceptible to process upsets (surface abrasion, washout or harmful chemicals) that may damage or kill the aerobic layers on typical MBBR or IFAS systems. The result is a very robust aerobic system and a more stable treatment process.



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Sandra Murray
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OxyMem MABR shortlisted in the Water Industry Awards 2021

OxyMem MABR shortlisted in the Water Industry Awards 2021