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MABR Technology creates new opportunities for growth.

MABR Technology creates new opportunities for growth

MABR technology can be transformative for a business and can open the doors to new opportunities


Is your wastewater treatment capacity restricting your potential growth. All manufacturing activities produce wastewater, if your manufacturing facility is already producing high volumes of wastewater and you are close to breaching regulations, you may be faced with a barrier to expansion, limiting the potential growth of your company.

Increased environmental awareness and a demand for greater environmental protection have meant that stricter regulations are being introduced, which business need to adhere to. Meeting compliance can have an impact on the growth potential of a company, as the volume of wastewater they produce is limited. Failure to comply with water discharge standards can result in severe legal and financial consequences.


All business must comply with the wastewater regulations for their industry. Each industry will have its own set of guidelines to follow depending on the characteristics of the wastewater. In some industries, companies will need to apply for a permit which limits the amount of wastewater they can emit. In many cases, the wastewater needs to be pre-treated by the company before it is released, either to municipal wastewater treatment plants or straight back into the environment.

Finding a solution which will enable companies to increase their wastewater treatment capacity can be transformative for a business and can open the doors to new opportunities. OxyMem's MABR technology could be that very solution, our technology improves the efficiency, and increases the biological treatment capacity of your plant, all within your existing footprint with a quick and easy installation.

OxyMem`s drop-in solution allows companies to treat more wastewater and in turn increase production without breaching the regulations. For companies with aging facilities this means that upgrading can be easily achieved, as there is no need to build new treatment tanks, and current process do not need to be stopped, this is a significant benefit as no downtime is required for upgrading the plant.

MABR Casestudy

A client recently used MABR technology to help increase capacity in order to address issues around seasonality stresses. The plant has seen some great results since the introduction of the MABR technology, with an increase of 30% additional biological treatment capacity achieved. 

Download the casestudy today

To learn more or to find out how OxyMem MABR can unlock your potential growth contact us today.

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