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Another great year for OxyMem MABR


Another great year for OxyMem MABR

2019 has been a pivotal year for climate action, with governments strengthening their positions, assessing and responding to the need for change. Adoption, and acceptance of new technologies that offer sustainable solutions to the climate crisis are on the increase. The public have become part of the driving force for change.

As a company with the potential to assist the circular economy greatly, we have continued to grow and strengthen our global presence throughout 2019 and have showcased our technology to wastewater professionals across the world. 

As 2019 is coming to a close we reflect on a few OxyMem highlights from the year.

2019 OxyMem Highlights


The largest MABR installation in the UK 

Severn Trent and OxyMem have been on a journey together since first collaborating in 2012. The relationship between the two companies has grown stronger, and together we are hoping to deliver a more sustainable approach to wastewater treatment within the UK. 

Following seven years of trials, various plant assessments and the necessary due diligence, Severn Trent have now procured their first commercial full-scale OxyMem system for one of their sludge treatment hubs, Spernal STP.  Equipment was delivered to site during 2019 and early in 2020 Spernal will see the largest UK MABR installation to date; with OxyMem drop-in modules being deployed without stopping the current process, to reduce ammonia discharge levels throughout the year.

OxyMem MABR modules

First Spanish new build OxyFAS treatment plant

OxyMem have a number of MABR systems currently operating in Spain, but this latest new build project will see an OxyMem MABR system working in tandem with a CAS system to meet discharge limits.  This project, to be commissioned early in 2020, will be the first of its kind in the region and it highlights how local engineers and owners are now willing to embrace latest technologies when seeking highly efficient, small footprint treatment solutions.


Significant milestone as OxyMem is approved by Saudi Aramco 

Interest and adoption of our technology is increasing month by month across the globe. Key players in the market who have clearly seen the benefit and environmental gains to be had from sustainable wastewater treatment solutions, embrace these and often partner to ensure their regions and client base benefit from the latest technology.  Meeting targeted discharge consent after only a few weeks of operation and continuing to deliver, our technology passed system acceptance tests and has now been approved for use on sites across the region of Saudi Arabia, by global giant Saudi Aramco. 


OxyMem named as one of the fastest growing Irish companies.

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards is one of Ireland's foremost technology award programmes. It is a ranking of the country's 50 fastest growing technology companies based on revenue growth over the last four years, and this year marked 20 years of the programme, celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship in Ireland's indigenous technology sector. On 25th October 2019 OxyMem were named as the 11th fastest growing company in Ireland.


Water and Energy Exchange Global Award for Operations

At the prestigious WEX global event in Portugal earlier this year, OxyMem was named the winner of the Operations Award for an installation which highlighted the ease of increasing treatment capacity using drop-in OxyFAS modules; improving plant performance, stability and effluent quality during times of increased loads. OxyMem have been working closely with Acciona and enhancing treatment on this site for almost two years. The installation has future proofed an existing plant by offering increased capacity; the installation took five days and was carried out without taking the tank offline.

New casestudy data for Acciona coming soon 


Market Awareness 

OxyMem attended several conferences around the world this year to promote our technology and to showcase results of some of our current projects. Some of the highlights of the year included :-



WEFTEC Chicago 2019 marked a step up for MABR; where MABR technology was well represented by more than a dozen technical papers being by industry-leading wastewater experts from across the globe.  Speakers such as John Koch, Dupont and Tim Constantine, Jacobs. A full day being dedicated to engineering papers highlights the current trend, where system adoption and success stories are increasing year on year. The technology is quickly becoming an easy, viable solution to today's wastewater challenges. 



View WEFTEC Abstracts

Aquatech China and Aquatech Amsterdam 

This year OxyMem technology was showcased at both Aquatech China and Aquatech Amsterdam. The product caught the attention of most when displayed on the Dupont Water Solutions stands. Each event was engaging and exciting; showcasing the top water solutions, technologies and companies from around the world.

OxyMem at WEFTEC


If you would like to learn more about how OxyMem can help your wastewater treatment plant in 2020 contact us today.

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