Enhancing Nitrification

Increase Biological Treatment Capacity and Effluent Quality with MABR

We help wastewater treatment plants reach their goals with our 'drop-in' Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor modules.

Our Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge design (IFAS) allows you to control cost through the incremental expansion of existing Industrial and Municipal activated sludge systems.

Our patented, bubble-less transfer of oxygen, designed to emulate a natural respiratory system, may provide simultaneous nitrification and denitrification for total nitrogen removal, significant energy savingsreduce the volume of waste sludge and decreases your plant carbon footprint and process emissions with no additional infrastructure needed.

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What Our Clients Say

We have been working with industry leading clients and professionals across the world for a number of years. Have a look at what they have to say about OxyMem's award winning products and service.

As a leading Water Utility serving 8.5 million customers in the UK, we are constantly on the look-out for game-changing innovative technologies and approaches that will bolster our position as effective leaders in wastewater treatment. We’ve been working closely with OxyMem for a number of years, facilitating the development of their MABR technology by providing testing facilities at our Minworth WWTP. The exciting potential of the MABR technology and the strength of the OxyMem team were immediately apparent to us, and we continue to work together to assess the best opportunities for MABR technology to upgrade our treatment plants to meet the twin challenges of tightening effluent standards and to cater for population growth.

Pete Vale

Technical Lead, Innovation, Severn Trent, UK

As Global Technology Leader for Jacobs’ Wastewater Treatment Practice, I and my team are constantly on the lookout for transformative and market disruptive technologies that can assist our clients around the globe. With its simplicity of implementation and demonstrated ability to couple process intensification with energy optimization (contributing towards a pathway to energy self-sufficiency), MABR is definitely a technology that we are excited about and are actively applying.


Tim Constantine

Jacobs, Canada

At Island Water Technologies we are focused on providing low-energy, chemical-free solutions for decentralized wastewater treatment. OxyMem technology compliments our product goals perfectly and allows us to provide robust, low-complexity wastewater treatment solutions for domestic and industrial partners.

Patrick Kiely

Island Water Technologies, Canada

Compared to traditional wastewater treatment, MABR is a smarter way to provide aeration and a smarter way to do BNR. As a young water professional, I’m aware of the challenges my generation is going to face and I believe MABR can play a key role in helping us transition towards the more sustainable resource recovery facilities of the future.

Nerea Uri Carreño

VCS, Denmark

Other clients we have worked with include:
  • DowDuPont Logo
  • Accionia
  • Promark
  • Bord Na Mona
  • Shell
  • CleanPath China

"Membrane Aerated
Biofilm Reactor is the Best Innovation in Wastewater Treatment, in Over 100 Years."

Learn About MABR Technology
Due to increasing populations, production demands, or changes in consent, Wastewater Treatment Plants are being pushed to their design limits.
In 1914, around the same time Henry Ford was constructing his first assembly line for the Model T, the Conventional Activated Sludge (CAS) process was developed. Since then the treatment of wastewater has been using bubble aeration to treat wastewater. This is a highly wasteful process as 60-70% of the energy is often lost to the atmosphere when the bubbles burst at the water surface. 
On a global scale, conventional wastewater treatment typically consumes 2-3% of the total national electricity production.
Operators have had to endure increasing energy demands, the cost of skilled labor and significant ongoing waste sludge disposal costs.
OxyMem is the first to make the Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) commercially available.

Increased Biological Treatment Capacity 

Our ‘drop-in’ technology increases the amount of wastewater that can be treated within the existing biological tank on site. Enhanced biological treatment performance, easy deployment and control enables this.

Up to 75% Less Energy Consumption

A significant increase in oxygen transfer efficiency and overall aeration system efficiency, coupled with the ideal habitat for biofilm growth means our solution can help move plants away from a 100 year old energy-intense bubble design.

Up to 50% Reduction in Waste Sludge

MABR system sludge age and biofilm layers help reduce the volume of waste sludge over conventional systems. Sludge transfer, storage, treatment and disposal costs are minimised. Fewer road tankers and less stress on our environment is a benefit to all.

Find Out How We Can Upgrade or Expand Your Current WWTP 

Due to increasing populations, production demands, or changes in consent, Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) are being pushed to their design limits. We quickly enhance the capacity of existing treatment plants, without draining tanks or requiring additional land. We help you reach your sustainability goals with our 'drop-in' membrane aeration modules. A robust solution for reducing cost and impact on the environment. These will, for the first time, allow the incremental expansion of conventional treatment plants.

Industrial WWTP
Municipal WWTP
MABR Generation 4 Module

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