Smart Aeration

OxyMem is the brand name for our bubbleless aeration system, the Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR)

The Holy Grail of wastewater treatment is to find a low cost and low energy aeration treatment solution. Aeration is the cornerstone of biological wastewater treatment and controls the treatment performance and operational economics of the entire wastewater treatment facility. The aeration process has not essentially changed for the last 100 years, until now….


OxyMem is a breakthrough technology for wastewater aeration. Up to now the aeration process has relied on ‘forced’, or ‘bubble aeration’ to deliver oxygen to the bacteria that breakdown the wastewater. OxyMem doesn’t rely on a bubble to deliver oxygen, instead we use a gas permeable membrane to deliver oxygen directly to the microorganisms. This allows OxyMem to deliver oxygen far more efficiently than conventional technologies. OxyMem is typically four times more energy efficient than best in class solution available today. This is just one of the many benefits we deliver. 

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OxyMem - Innovation of the Year   Bluetech Disrupt-o-meter Award Winner
Water-Innovation-Award-WssTP-Europe-OxyMem innovationoftheyearaward_118 The-Energy-Awards-2014-OxyMem

Key Benefits:

  • Energy savings
      (four times saving on energy costs)
  • High-rate treatment
  • Reduced footprint
      (10 times smaller footprint)
  • Reduced Chemical costs
  • Lower pumping costs
  • Robust & Stable
  • Lower sludge production
  • Fast/simple to install
  • Retrofit available

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OxyMem Shortlisted For UK Energy Awards & Bank Of Ireland Startup Awards

September has been an exciting month for OxyMem and we’re not even halfway through! We have made it into the shortlist for two awards this month. OxyMem has been shortlisted in the Energy Efficient Technology of the Year category at the UK Energy Awards 2014. This prestigious event, which recognises and rewards creative and innovative companies […]


OxyMem Shortlisted for 3 Intellectual Property Awards

We’re delighted to announce that OxyMem has been shortlisted in three categories for this years Intellectual Property Awards. The IP Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate those involved in the creative innovation process and to generate awareness of the wealth that IP creation and monetisation brings to Ireland Inc. OxyMem was shortlisted for Inventor of […]


OxyMem Shortlisted for Pan-European Academic Enterprise Award

OxyMem is one of just nine companies established by academic entrepreneurs, to be shortlisted for the sixth annual Academic Enterprise Awards. The Academic Enterprise Awards are the only pan-European awards dedicated to spin-out companies emerging from universities and public research institutes. OxyMem is the sole Irish spin-out shortlisted for the awards, which are run by […]


OxyMem Wins Water Innovation Europe Award

We are delighted to announce that OxyMem has won the much coveted WssTP SME Innovation Award for Membrane Technologies at the Water Innovation Europe conference in Brussels, Belgium yesterday. OxyMem was chosen on the basis of its innovation, market potential and exploitation strategy. This achievement sees OxyMem characterised as a best practice in the field […]


BlueTech Research Selects OxyMem as Featured Exhibitors for WEFTEC Innovation Pavilion 2014

We are delighted to announce that OxyMem has been selected as the BlueTech Disrupt-o-meter nominee from the IWA Leading Edge Technology Conference, Abu Dhabi, and will now go forward to be featured exhibitors at this year’s WEFTEC Innovation Pavilion, which will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana from September 27 – October 1. The WEFTEC […]


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