OxyMem is bursting the wastewater industry’s bubble with Smart Aeration

OxyMem is the breakthrough wastewater treatment technology that offers an energy efficient...

Energy Savings

OxyMem’s bubble-less aeration reduces the operating costs (OPEX) for wastewater aeration by up to 75%.

Reduced footprint

OxyMem offers significant footprint reduction as well as other CAPEX savings.

Lower Sludge Production

Biofilms, like OxyMem, protect slower growing micro-organisms which in turn produce less sludge.

Reduced Chemicals

Due to the fact both nitrification and de-nitirication take place in the same tank OxyMem results in a reduced buffering requirement.

We've been recognised by:

OxyMem - Innovation of the Year Bluetech Disrupt-o-meter Award Winner Water-Innovation-Award-WssTP-Europe-OxyMem innovationoftheyearaward_118
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