Project Details

  • Client: Wessex Water
  • Location: UK
  • Wastewater type: Municipal
  • Existing WWT: CAS
  • Upgrade type: Drop-In
  • OxyMem MABR: OxyTube MABR

Challenges for Wessex Water

Wessex Water’s Optimisation and Innovation Team have embraced the most recent advances in wastewater aeration with their deployment of a bubble-less aeration solution called MABR (Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor).
Traditional methods of treating wastewater are costly in terms of operational expenditure (OPEX) for all water companies and Wessex Water is no exception. Firstly, significant energy is required to simply aerate and mix the bulk liquid. Secondly, population and industrial growth over the past twenty years has resulted in many older plants running closer to their peak treatment capacity. As a means of gaining additional biological treatment capacity, improved effluent quality and a significant reduction in energy consumption across their region, Wessex Water’s Optimisation and Innovation Team aim to assess the OxyTube MABR over the next few months. They plan to also evaluate the deployment for ease of application and operator use, before progressing to a larger scale system.


MABR technology, offered by OxyMem, is a revolutionary yet simple means of providing the lowest OPEX biological wastewater treatment solution. It is gaining traction amongst WWTP contractors, owners and operators across the globe and already many of the well known larger players in the wastewater sector are trialling the solution.

As a leading Water Utility serving 8.5 million customers in the UK we are constantly on the look-out for game-changing innovative technologies and approaches that will bolster our position as efficiency leaders in wastewater treatment. We’ve been working closely with OxyMem for a number of years, facilitating the development of their MABR technology by providing testing facilities at our Minworth WWTP. The exciting potential of the MABR technology and the strength of the OxyMem team were immediately apparent to us, and we continue to work together to assess the best opportunities for MABR technology to upgrade our treatment plants to meet the twin challenges of tightening effluent standards and to cater for population growth.

- Pete Vale, Technical Lead, Innovation, Severn Trent


In summary, given the challenges wastewater companies face they need to start looking at more innovative solutions that offer a step change in outcome. MABR is one such solution, which offers a number of compelling benefits. Despite being a relatively new technology, it is already gaining much interest around the globe. In the UK, Wessex Water has taken initial steps on the journey following on the success of pilots such as Severn Trent. OxyMem’s MABR now provides owners and operators with an answer to a growing problem; a novel, easily deployable means of increasing biological treatment capacity on existing sites without civil modifications.


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