Introduction to MABR Webinar (Dr. Eoin Syron)

Invest 15 minutes and learn how to solve OPEX intensive wastewater treatment with smarter aeration.

About Dr. Eoin Syron

EOINDr. Eoin Syron is our technical leader and innovator and a graduate from the school of Chemical Engineering UCD, where Eoin also conducted a Ph.D.

The subject of his thesis was an investigation of the membrane aerated biofilm reactor, which resulted in a patent he made in partnership with Eoin Casey. This patent forms the basis for the OxyMem proposition.

Eoin spent 4 years in the United States involved in the design and tender of industrial wastewater treatment plants, the investigation of biological treatment for oil And gas wastewater and evaluating new technologies.

He spent 2 years with Veolia Environment Research and Innovation in Paris, France.

In 2011 Eoin returned to the Biofilm group (UCD) to continue the development of OxyMem, this time focusing on scale up issues and investigating full-scale deployment.

What to expect

Join Dr. Eoin Syron and delve into the very exciting world of the Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor and discover how we are actively disrupting the wastewater treatment market. 
You will learn: 
  • The fundamental aspects of the MABR process and how it can be applied to your challenges
  • The key design considerations of OxyMem MABR
  • Why it's time to re-evaluate your current aeration system
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