Try MABR Today

OxyMem has a number of trial options which cost as little as €2,500 Euro allowing you to demonstrate the power and advantages of MABR at your own site or in the Laboratory.

Laboratory Scale MABR Lab-Unit

The OxyMem Lab Scale system consists of:     
1 X 60 litre Clear tank, including sludge removal and post reactor settling zone    
4 X OxyMem Mini cassettes    
1 X Scour blower    
1 X Oxygen generator    
1 X Control and Monitoring system    
Budgetary costs €20,000 (Depending on final specification)   

Oxy-Tube ‘Drop in’ MABR (Suitable for a field test) 

This unique demonstration Oxy-Tube is suitable for deployment into an existing treatment plant or standalone reactor tests. The membranes are housed in a cylindrical structure in stainless steel, where the membranes are distributed. Wastewater enters through apertures at the bottom, passes up through biofilm layered membranes, and is discharged from the top via a peristaltic pump.  This pumping regime allows for convenient sampling of effluent. The membranes are fed by a small 4W blower which provides a flowrate of 60 litres per minute. The exhausted process air is collected at the base of the unit and is periodically discharged as a course scouring bubble which controls the biofilm thickness. The OxyMem trial unit can be conveniently fixed to the walls of existing aeration lagoons by means of an adjustable bracket. The membrane cartridge can be removed conveniently at any time for biofilm inspection.

The ‘Oxy-Tube’ MABR consists of:     

60l / hour flow rate    
Automated biofilm control    
Fixing bracket    
Dimensions: 2m x 0.2m    
Tank volume occupied 0.06m³    
10m² of MABR media (8g/O2/m²)    
Ready to go kit, fitting time is less than 4 hours    
Requires power connection

Single Reactor MABR (Complete Packaged Plant) 

This is effectively a scaled down version of a complete treatment solution allowing the system to either be deployed in very hard to reach places on Industrial or Municipal sites or for large scale treat-ability studies. The unit is suitable for applications of up to 30m³ / day (subject to loading rate). 

The OxyMem single reactor MABR consists of:     
1 X 9,000 litre tank, including sludge removal and post reactor settling zone    
2000m² of membrane surface area    
1 X Scour blower    
1 X Control and Monitoring system    
Option for O2    
Budgetary costs are dependent on final specification    
Delivery 12-14 weeks.

Bespoke MABR Trials
OxyMem trial options that range from small scale field units to complete laboratory solutions which can fully simulate large scale field applications to full scale try and buy solutions.