OxyMem has solved the common headache of mixing in wastewater tanks with its patented 'Airlift' technology that use the changing of liquid densities to circulate the tank .

Every Generation 4 OxyMem MABR Module is equipped with Airlift.

OxyMem’s MABR Airlift provides vigorous mixing to treated streams inside the module, around biofilm growing on membranes.           

The addition of an integrated airlift pump allows for the exhaust air to be re-tasked for liquid mixing. The concept behind the airlift is that injecting air into a column of water reduces its density, the surrounding water being denser displaces it in an attempt to reach equilibrium and in turn has air injected into it and so on.

There are two types of airlifts, OxyMem MABR is using Module design: forward and reverse airlift

Figure 1.Reverse Airlift

 Reverse Airlift

Figure 2.Forward Airlift

Forward Airlift

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