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Intensifying the Biological Treatment Process with OxyMem MABR

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OxyMem’s MABR technology is the drop-in solution for wastewater treatment plant expansions and upgrades. MABR modules make process intensification and incremental plant expansion easy—with zero downtime and disruption to existing processes.

This Water Academy webinar will explore:

  • An overview of OxyMem MABR technology
  • How MABR can enhance COD and ammonia removal at existing wastewater treatment plants
  • Highlights from the largest MABR plant in the UK

Learn how you can increase biological treatment capacity and effluent quality with OxyMem MABR in your plant. 

Date: Thursday, May 27, 2021

Time: 3pm GMT

Duration: 45 minutes

John McConomy
Commercial Director, OxyMem
DuPont Water Solutions


John is the Commercial Director at OxyMem, a DuPont brand. With OxyMem since 2016, he is part of the team that first commercialised MABR and has seen first hand how awareness and interest in the technology is ramping up across the globe. John holds an Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering and his career in wastewater started within the Xylem group almost 22 years ago. He spent the earlier part of this career primarily involved with wastewater treatment plant on-site operations; installing, maintaining and optimizing both effluent quality and long term operational costs of diffused aeration systems.

John has worked for some of the world’s largest diffused aeration manufacturers and In his current role with OxyMem he is responsible for ensuring owners and operators across the globe are provided with an opportunity to benefit from the latest advancements in aerobic biological treatment and process intensification


Barry Heffernan
Chief Operations Officer, OxyMem
DuPont Water Solutions

Barry received his PhD for innovative work on the Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor. Barry is one of the inventors of MABR control system, OxyMem's foundation IP. Barry worked for 7 years for Biothane (Veolia), a pioneer of anaerobic wastewater treatment and a high growth business. As Biothane's Technical Manager, he led research, development, and implementation of cutting-edge technologies like the anaerobic membrane reactor, municipal anaerobic sludge blanket reactor, calcium precipitation system, sulphur scrubber, and struvite precipitation processes.

For the last 10 years, he has designed and optimised the performance of numerous anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment processes in various climates around the world. He has broad experience in process engineering, the design of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, project management, renewable energy, and sustainable technology.



Josep Manzano 
Process Engineer, OxyMem
DuPont Water Solutions

Josep holds a degree in chemical engineering and MSc degree in environmental engineering and product management, and has spent the last decade working on international projects within the water sector; both clean water and wastewater.

As a process engineer at OxyMem Ltd, he specialises in advanced MABR technology; a low energy, high efficiency process solution for the reduction of wastewater pollutants. With a desire to assist clients with their environmental and sustainable goals, be it carbon footprint or low impact wastewater solutions for receiving water bodies, Josep spent considerable time in one of Spain’s R&D center and in 2019 he took up a position with OxyMem, the first mover in MABR bubble-less aeration technology.

Josep holds expertise in both the latest MABR and more traditional IFAS solutions to assists operators and end-users as they assess how best to optimise their treatment plants.


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