OxyFAS - Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor


The OxyFas Module delivers treatment capacity of 4kg of Ammonia removal or 15kg of COD removal per day.


OxyFAS leverages the concept of IFAS with the power of MABR. With OxyFAS you can immediately transform overloaded, inefficient, or even obsolete wastewater treatment plants into high efficiency facilities capable of servicing much higher population equivalents in a matter of weeks. 

OxyFAS Deployment

Add Capacity Without Draining The Tank

Add up to 50% additional biological capacity

Sweating the assets

As plants move towards the end of their working life it often means wastewater is not being treated to the required discharge levels. These installations are operating well beyond their intended lifespan and beyond their intended capacity. These issues all contribute to an inefficient and unsustainable demand for energy. The OxyFAS can be deployed in a matter of days to supplement the biological treatment capacity of an existing Activated Sludge process and increase the treatment capacity by 50% allowing for either treatment capacity or higher effluent quality. The OxyMem MABR can be retrofitted within a wastewater treatment plant of almost any size often without emptying the tank / basin.



Add Capacity
Add Capacity
No Drainage
No Drainage
Easy Install
Easy Install
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency


1. Add Capacity Immediately or grow capacity incrementally

2. No Need to Drain Tanks

3. Install in days (Generally 4 weeks before fully active)

4. Lowest Energy for IFAS applications (typically 10 times less energy than MBBR)

oxyfas deployment

Technical Specifications

OxyFAS is a manufactured module contained within a Stainless Steel where is houses the OxyMem hollow fiber membranes. It contains the fundamental components of process air, scour air systems (for biofilm management) and also comes with an optional air lift system for lowest cost mixing. The OxyFAS is a stack-able modular unit with the following specification:

Material: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: Length 2.1 m x Width 1.05 m x Height 2.1 m

Weight: 950 kg

Volume: 4.5 m³

Membrane Surface Area: 1500 m²

Oxygen Delivery Capacity: 15kg per day

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