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  1. Your application will reach our Commercial Director, John McConomy. He will provide you with the Data requirement form to be completed.
  2. Once you have completed the form and send it to John McConomy he will have our technical team look into this further. We may require further information or a site visit.
  3. Once we have executed our preliminary research we can begin in 2 separate ways depending advice from our senior engineers. The first option would be to begin creating the modules by liaising with your design team, the second option would involved a small test unit to trial the wastewater before entering the design process.
  4. Once modules and design specifications have been agreed we will install the modules over a couple of days and provide on going support and monitoring of the biofilm, refining the process over several months to optimise performance.


Data Requirement Form

In order for the OxyMem team to accurately price the cost of creating an MABR module and to provide assurances on projected outcome of installation we will require some technical  information on the existing plant and the goals you wish to achieve.

Please note: Our services are not available in the United States of America. For more information on this please visit our Freedom to Operate page.






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