Project Details

  • Client: Roughfort WWTP
  • Location: UK
  • Wastewater type: Municipal
  • Existing WWT: CAS
  • Solution type: Off-grid
  • OxyMem MABR: Membranes
  • Data acquisition time: 12 months

Challenges for Upgrading WWTP

In many countries the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) infrastructure is ageing and therefore often struggles to maintain the consistent treatment rate and has no capacity to receive and deal with constantly increasing wastewater treatment demand, tightening consents and rapidly rising pressure to achieve compliance.
The global population growth in combination with diminishing land availability excludes large footprint retrofit upgrades. The list of constraints in upgrading the WWTP and/or building a new facility is even longer. Minimising capital expenditure, reducing operational expenditure with the reduction of energy requirements add even more constraints on the wastewater treatment technology and its application in final WWTP design.

The question thus becomes: how can you better manage and upgrade existing plants without adding these costs?


Enisca Limited, an engineering and construction company operating in the water and power sectors, in cooperation with the QUESTOR Centre, an industrially focused environmental research centre of Queen’s University, Belfast has come up with a unique and innovative solution. They have created through innovative design a modular process to ensure compliance with BOD, Ammonia, SS and Nutrient standards all via a low cost and low energy solution. Their product, the BioSettler helps to reduce the need for a significant footprint and further biological treatment within an existing WWTP by taking advantage of a unique design consisting of inclined lamellae plates and OxyMem membranes for bubble-less aeration. This process combination provides additional support for bio-film and biological treatment within the settling area.

This novel process was awarded a patent in 2013 as a compelling solution for companies looking to upgrade conventional settlers.

Compared to traditional wastewater treatment, MABR is a smarter way to provide aeration and a smarter way to do BNR. As a young water professional, I’m aware of the challenges my generation is going to face and I believe MABR can play a key role in helping us transition towards the more sustainable resource recovery facilities of the future.

- Nerea Uri Carreño, VCS Denmark


The Enisca BioSettler is a unique and patented technology, that with a compact and modular design and offsite build ensure low capital costs of deployment.

The BioSettler includes OxyMem membranes, and alongside low operational costs, it guarantees a substantial increase of BOD and ammonia removal. The system is very robust and its adaptable design makes it ideal as a retrofit solution for small and large plants as there is no need for additional tanks



Enisca CS mock up



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