OxyMem MABR-One year in operation on the UK`s largest MABR site 


About The Project

2020 marked a milestone for wastewater treatment in the UK, with the installation of 10 OxyMem membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) modules from DuPont Water Solutions at Severn Trent's Redditch Spernal site in Worcestershire. This central treatment plant has become the largest MABR in the UK.

In September 2021, after 1 year of operation Severn Trent Water removed an OxyMem MABR module to show their design teams how easy retrieval and re-installation was for future plants. During the event operators and process engineers examined and assessed potential effects on the system after 12 months of operation (biofilm growth and screenings etc).  

The module was removed, inspected, and reinstalled into the live process tank in one day. 

Watch our video to hear more about what Severn Trent have to say about OxyMem MABR

22062 OxyMem MABR STW 1 Year On


Severn Trent -Customer Voices Video 

Following the installation in 2020 key personnel from OxyMem and Severn Trent discussed this exciting project. 





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