WATEC Italy 

The future of water is now

Wednesday 23rd October-Saturday 26th October
Cremona, Italy



About The Event

WATEC Italy 2019 will take place in Cremona from October 23rd till 26th. It is an initiative aimed at promoting cooperation between both Italian and International companies with the hope of fostering the interaction between the private sector and the public one.
We will ensure that WATEC Italy 2019 is the perfect platform to grow your ideas, establish the right business contacts and learn something new.

B2B Networking
WATEC Italy 2019 participants are invited to take part in the networking event and preschedule introductory meetings with one another according to their profession and personal interests.

Companies will showcase innovative technologies for use in Irrigation, Rural Development, Livestock ,Food Processing industries and more.

Two days of professional lectures and discussions that will illustrate the most advanced technological solutions, projects and best practices in the water industry.

One of the most interesting topics of this fourth Italian Edition is innovation. This event is in conjunction with the 74th International Livestock Dairy and Cattle Event, which attracts thousands of visitors. Among the visitors, will be agricultural professionals and international delegations.

Topics will include: Sustainable Agriculture, Drug Pollution and Chemicals, Water Transportation, Storage Waste Management and more.

Cremona Fiera,

Piazza Ennio Zelioli Lanzini,
1, 26100
Cremona CR,

Watec italy

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