Aquatech Mexico 2019


Monday September 3rd - Thursday September 5th, 2019

Mexico City


About The Event



Experience Mexico's largest event for water technology in Mexico City, September 3 - 5, 2019!

For 3 days, all experts, regional market leaders and world wide professionals searching for solutions will visit Aquatech Mexico, to discuss the future of the industry. Aquatech Mexico enables the establishment of partnerships, creation of alliances and sharing of best practices between local and international businesses. Make sure you join this must-attend event for industry professionals in Latin America!

Aquatech Mexico offers a prominent platform for companies within the water technology industry from around the globe, wanting to explore business opportunities in Mexico. 


OxyMem MABR at Aquatech Mexico

You will find OxyMem MABR at the Dupont Stand .
Come by the stand and you can learn all about MABR and the potential it has for transforming your wastewater treatment plant.

Aquatech Mexico
WTC Mexico City
03810 Benito Juarez
Mexico City




Mexico city


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