Oxymem Does Not Currently Offer Products in the United States of America

We regret to inform you that the reason is due to a ‘cease and desist’ letter received from General Electric on the 12th of February 2016. 

OxyMem was first to market with the MABR and has been successfully installing systems since June 2013. This Cease and Desist notification was sent just four months after GE launched their version of the MABR (WEFTEC, 2015), and the very same week OxyMem were due to close a major funding round. I can happily report that we subsequently closed out the round led by the Dow Chemical Company

OxyMem does not believe there is any merit to the allegations, however, in order to reduce the chances of an expensive litigation process with a corporate giant we have stepped back from this market until further notice.  We have been overwhelmed by support from the market from every corner of the earth and have listened with interest to other war stories from other first to market innovators. Thank you all for you support and kind words, we will not give up the fight to deliver the very best performing MABR at the lowest cost. If you are interested in discussing opportunities in any other territory we would love to hear from you.