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MABR Tower

Ultimate MABR Performance With Standalone Applications

OxyMem MABR is now at a point of where we are offering the large-scale applications that make it so compelling to consider MABR for mainstream applications.

Upgrading a wastewater treatment plant with MABR delivers:

– Benefit from enormous energy savings potential (8kgO2/kWh). Start your drive towards Energy Neutrality

– 50% reduction in sludge production (compared to CAS)

– Potential capital saving – 50-80% less tankage required

– Sweat the assets – Use legacy tanks if available

– Incremental capacity increase with modular MABR allowing expandable design and enabling a more dynamic asset strategy

– Achieve more Process resilience. Because MABR is biofilm system it has the ability to resist shock loads (Hydraulic or process upset)