OxyMem originates from Biofilm Research

Ongoing Engagement

OxyMem already work closely with a number of University reseScreen Shot 2016-09-10 at 02.59.26arch groups throughout the world This work is focused on increasing the understanding of the attachment growth and detachment of Biofilm grown on a gas permeable substrate.






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Oxymem is happy to provide samples of hollow fibre silicone to Universities and research groups for publishable research. This hollow fibre can be used for investigation into a wide range of counter diffusion biofilms.






Lab Scale MABR

OxyMem Lab Scale MABR

OxyMem Lab Scale MABR

OxyMem can offer a fully operational 60 Litre Lab reactor that is available for purchase. This can be used for fundamental research, as well as treatability studies to identify suitable pre and post treatment options, optimal operating conditions, and loading rates.

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