OxyMem Wins Water Innovation Europe Award

We are delighted to announce that OxyMem has won the much coveted WssTP SME Innovation Award for Membrane Technologies at the Water Innovation Europe conference in Brussels, Belgium yesterday. OxyMem was chosen on the basis of its innovation, market potential and exploitation strategy. This achievement sees OxyMem characterised as a best practice in the field of membrane technology with high market potential.

WssTP Innovation Europe Award OxyMemThe awards were created to support economic opportunities for the European water sector and especially the small and medium enterprises in Europe. WssTP have taken the initiative to host the Water Innovation SME awards ceremony for the European SMEs that have generated innovative solutions and technologies for water resource management with high market potential.

The awards took place during the 2014 edition of Water Innovation Europe 2014, a unique 2-day conference, which has brought the economic potential for an innovative sustainable water sector in Europe to the foreground and discussed the legal, technical and political bottlenecks that stand in the way of the European water sector in achieving its economic potential.

OxyMem is delighted to have received recognition for its innovative solution and is thrilled to be a part of this year’s conference. Water Innovation Europe is a major opportunity for people from across the water sector to meet, debate and contribute to shaping the mind-set of the new European Parliament and the new European Commission with regard to the opportunities for the European water sector, as well as the Work Programme 2016-2017 for Horizon2020 along the lines of the Green economy concept.

For more information on WssTP and Water Innovation Europe 2014, visit www.wsstp.eu.


About WssTP
WssTP is the Water supply and sanitation Technology Platform.The Water supply and sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP) is the European Technology Platform for Water.It was initiated by the European Commission in 2004 to encourage collaborative, visionary & integrated RTD&I for the European water sector and to meet the objectives of the 2020 strategy. WssTP has contributed in a major way to its central objectives – achieving this through the actions of its executive bodies, working groups and its scientific reports’ and then Till now it counts 108 members and a network of more than 800 individuals from Industry, research, technology providers and water users.

About OxyMem
OxyMem is a breakthrough technology for the wastewater aeration market tackling the industry’s biggest challenge – energy costs. For 100 years the cornerstone of global wastewater treatment has been ‘Forced’ or ‘Bubble’ aeration. Our solution does not rely on this highly inefficient method, instead we use gas permeable membranes capable of delivering Oxygen directly to the bacteria, resulting in a fourfold energy saving with more compact, lower cost infrastructure. Visit www.oxymem.com for more information.